Meditation classes

Through Zoom, the platform used by most teachers today.


 In 3 easy steps you can access your meditation classes online and practice from the comfort of your own home:


* you contact me by email: or whatsapp: 0034/ 657488241


* you attend your first class thanks to the Zoom link that you receive 10 minutes before the start of the class


* you proceed to the payment by bank transfer or Paypal 





 Class at home in Menorca or outdoor


 Individual, single or regular classes 


Vouchers available



For everyone, no previous yoga or meditation experience or specific beliefs are necessary. 


Meditation is an ancient science that helps us to sustain ourselves in everyday life.

Regular practice leads you to develop intuition and creativity, and you can give new answers to new challenges.


 Meditation is very powerful and takes your life to another level:



* develops personal potential and emotional intelligence


* relieves depression and reduces stress and anxiety


*soothes insomnia and promotes concentration


*promotes positivity


*improves relationships


*heightens sensory perception


*enhances self-esteem


*increases energy


*relieves pain


*strengthens the immune system


*improves memory


*stimulates creative thinking


*increases self-awareness


*develops compassion


*allows you to be in the here and now


*develops your presence and calibre


*establishes a deep connection with life


*helps you to feel good about yourself


*brings happiness, peace and inner harmony


*connects you to the infinite


*stimulates the 6th chakra and develops your intuition