From April 2023, you can book your personalised yoga therapy session with Charlotte.


In the first session, we will spend some time to determine what your life moment is

and what you need to focus on,what you want to face, overcome and transform. 


The session consists of pranayamas, asanas and meditations, according to your request to allow you to deepen

and develop another perspective, discover your resources and establish new habits in your daily life.


You can have from a single session to a series of 10 consecutive sessions,

depending on the intensity you want to dedicate to yourself.


The pranayamas are exercises with specific breathing patterns that, depending on their structure and duration, provide different benefits, such as calming the mind, relaxing the nervous system, balancing the sensory system, activating your vitality, etc...


The asanas, postures adapted to your physical condition, are performed to create an alignment where the prana flows and your physical body is adjusted in order to release, relax and strengthen your body 

and above all to renew your vital energy through the chakras.


The meditations you will come to practice are like teachers to allow you to focus your mind, develop your intuition,

regain self-confidence or other personal purposes. 


The work on yourself, thanks to the accompanied and guided practice of yoga, creates a new reference point in your life, generating a renewed awareness and perspective of yourself, your relationships, sustainability and personal balance.


 You will be accompanied by Charlotte, yoga and meditation teacher, psycho-emotional therapist

and personal coach with 25 years of professional experience.