Are you ready for a change?

“The Karam Kriya School is for those who finished travelling away from their essential nature

and are ready to turn around 

and begin the journey home.”  - Shiv Charan Singh

Are you ready for a change? You’ve recently discovered Kundalini Yoga and it was love at first sight?  You have been practicing for years and your time has come to crystallize everything you learned so far? You are in good company! Students will join this training from many backgrounds, cultures and walks of life, and…for many different reasons. 

Jump in at the deep end but know that Kundalini Yoga allows you to draw on your own resources and skills. From the first week of training you will receive a lot of new information and have many insights relating this to your own experience. You’ll be guided into teaching your first kundalini yoga classes to the other students, supported by the safe context of the Teacher Training.

This first week will be at Yogahouse Prasaad in South-Germany, near Lake Constance. A small ashram/retreat center that aims to make you feel at home inside of you. It will be springtime, which means that the apple tree orchard will bless us with beautiful blossoms and the sun awakens with it’s first warm rays!  

Then after some months we will welcome you for the second and eventually the third week on Menorca, Spain. We have a beautiful retreat center where we will be staying and where most of the teaching will take place, but we will also take you to different places on the island for classes to enjoy the unique environment that it provides. The Teachings will provide an environment of focus, awareness and healing. Working towards an inner balance.

Imagine a soft breeze under the trees, the light of dawn warming your face, drinking tea, doing yoga and enjoying each other’s company. Inhale...exhale...and hold yourself in this space for a moment.

From the often hectic rhythm of our worldly life and the life cycle in which we find ourselves, our Self-Sensory system asks for a pause, a break to be able to find a space where the soul can express itself. A place where you can be yourself, honor your needs, concerns and what is important to you. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, it is our birthright to be happy and life is lived for transformation!

Yogi Bhajan said: "I have come to create teachers, not gather disciples".
Starting from this premise, the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training leads you through this transformation along the path of Dharma, of giving, and breaking with old karmic habits. It creates the space and place for you to explore yourself from another perspective by learning from the millennia-old science of Kundalini Yoga, approved by KRI, the Kundalini Research Institute, which was created to ensure the transmission and commitment of the teachings according to Yogi Bhajan, all over the world.

To be a teacher is an attitude. You may want to become a yoga teacher or not, it is a way of living your life, of manifesting yourself from awareness, conscious communication, presence (caliber), mental clarity, kindness and strength.

To strengthen you on this path, you will go through the process of Poke-Provoke-Confront and Elevate. Some soul-demoting habits will become evident as you have reached the time to initiate changes in your life, making decisions about your relationships and environment. 

Being a Kundalini Yoga Teacher you can support others to also experience healthy transformation in their lives following the jewels of 3HO, the international association created by Yogi Bhajan: be happy, healthy and holy!

3 residentials, 23 days, 230+ hours of training, 2 countries & 4 trainers to help you find what you know you never lost.

Sat Naam